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What is Now you're talking?

Now you're talking! is a basic-level conversation course designed exclusively for Japanese students. The course can be used with teenagers or young adults, and is suitable for both large or small classes. The text can be used as the main speaking-listening coursebook, or as a supplementary text.

What kind of syllabus does Now you're talking! have?

Now you're talking! is a student-centered, task-based course. In the student-centered classroom, the teacher acts as a facilitator of the lesson while the students are busily engaged in interactive task-based activities. The focus of the lesson moves away from the teacher toward the process of communication. Although the course emphasizes communication, both fluency and accuracy are given a central role.

What are the major features of the course?

  • Tasks were designed to ensure cooperation between students, but in a relatively low-stress environment. A great deal of effort has gone into making the tasks fun or game-like. The uniqueness of the course lies in its appeal to young learners.
  • Now you're talking! has a very sound methodology. Each section takes the students carefully step by step, building up the necessary language to complete following sections.
  • Now you're talking! provides extensive practice in listening. The listenings are carefully devised to provide key language input, which the students will later need for use in speaking tasks.
  • Each unit contains a Writing section which reinforces previously learned language. In addition, in the Review section students do a puzzle-like activity to consolidate
    and review vocabulary and grammar. The Writing and Review sections are flexible, and can be done either in class or assigned for homework.
  • Vocabulary which may be new to basic-level students is given in the bilingual Word List at the back of the book.
  • A Teacher's Guide with answer keys is available in printable PDF format from our website. An audio component is available separately.
  • Now you're talking! is both user and teacher-friendly. The book is extremely easy to use and requires very little teacher preparation.
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