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About EFL Press

EFL Press publishes English textbooks exclusively for the Japanese market. The majority of texts claiming to be designed for the Japanese market are, in fact, aimed at a larger Asian/world market. Our books meet the needs of Japanese students better because we focus on the needs of a specific population.

Our company is called EFL Press because our textbooks are designed for the EFL market, rather than the ESL market. Teachers sometimes (incorrectly) refer to themselves as 'ESL' teachers while teaching in Japan when they are really teaching EFL. Technically, in the professional literature, ESL refers to English as it is used outside the classroom in an English speaking country. In this case, English is used as the students' second language. On the other hand, EFL refers to English as a foreign language, where English is learned in the classroom and is not used outside the classroom for everyday purposes.

On the surface this distinction may seem trivial. However, most textbooks do not work well with EFL students because these students have different needs. Likewise, Japanese students have different needs (and interests) than students from other Asian cultures. Thus, to make the best possible materials for the Japanese market, EFL Press focuses exclusively on the Japanese student. One glance through any of our texts will show you what we mean.

Thank you for your interest in EFL Press. If you have any questions or comments about our materials, please feel free to call, fax or email us.

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