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Map of Now you're talking!

1 greeting someone; talking about oneself Wh- questions; simple present in questions likes and dislikes; personal information; school subjects
2 describing things simple present; Yes/No questions; adjectives food; animals; colors and shapes
3 asking for directions; giving directions; expressing thanks imperatives; prepositions of location; ordinal numbers shop names
4 offering help; making a request counters; prices; shopping expressions shopping; food; shop names
5 talking about routines; interviewing someone adverbs of frequency; simple present; Wh- questions health; routines
6 telling the time Wh- questions; usually time; numbers
7 describing people; describing present states present progressive; simple present; adjectives clothing; parts of the body
8 asking for opinions; giving reasons for opinions better than; singular/plural nouns; can't stand likes and dislikes; preferences
9 talking about past events; expressing condolence simple past & present perfect; anywhere, anything, anyone; nowhere, nothing, no one historical knowledge; recent events
10 asking and answering
interview questions;
describing jobs
Yes/No questions;
simple present
11 talking about past experiences present perfect;
simple past;
Yes/No questions
personal experiences
12 making comparisons; talking about the weather comparatives; adjectives the weather; countries; months of the year
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