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What is Topic Talk Issues?

Topic Talk Issues is a low-intermediate/intermediate level speaking and listening course designed exclusively for Japanese students. The course can be used with teenagers or adults, and is suitable for both large or small classes. Topic Talk Issues fits naturally as a follow on course after Topic Talk or Talk a Lot, Book 2, which are both of a slightly lower level. The course can also be used independently. A Teacher's Guide and audio component are available separately.

What kind of syllabus does Topic Talk Issues have?

As its title suggests, Topic Talk Issues is a topic-based conversation course. Each interactive, fluency-based unit engages students and encourages them to share their own opinions on an important issue. The main issue of each unit is expanded on by having students listen to a recording on the topic which is based on an unrehearsed authentic conversation.

What are the major features of the course?

  • Topic Talk Issues presents an enjoyable, lighthearted approach to important everyday issues and introduces them in a nonthreatening manner. The course helps students formulate and express their own ideas and opinions on key issues.
  • Topic Talk Issues is designed for Japanese students in all aspects. The majority of texts claiming to be designed for the Japanese market are, in fact, aimed at a larger Asian/world market. Topic Talk Issues meets the needs of Japanese students better because it focuses on a specific population.
  • Although primarily a conversation course, the text provides integrated practice of all four language skills.
  • Topic Talk Issues emphasizes interaction. Many tasks were designed to encourage students to negotiate meaning and share real information with each other.
  • The Teacher's Guide includes tapescripts of the authentic recordings, translations of key words and expressions, and answer keys.
  • Topic Talk Issues is both user and teacher-friendly. The book is extremely easy to use and requires very little teacher preparation.
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