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Map of Talk a Lot, Book 2

1 simple present in questions; Wh- and Yes/No questions; question formation; subject-verb agreement introducing oneself and responding to an introduction; clarifying someone's name; names; personal information
2 comparative form of adjectives; as...as; X or Y; superlatives; Wh-questions; adverbs of frequency; short responses with too; pronunciation of sport names making comparisons; giving opinions; sports
3 simple present; indefinite articles: a, an; Wh-questions; adjectives to describe personality; modals of advisability: should, need to; have to; syllable and word stress talking and asking about work; describing personality; likes/dislikes; work; occupations
4 prepositions of location; imperatives; definite and zero articles; indirect questions giving directions; asking the location of a place; saying you don't know where something is; expressing thanks; neighborhoods
5 prepositions of location (on the subway); imperatives; syllable stress making reservations and checking in at a hotel; asking for and giving subway directions; inviting on the phone; planning a meeting place and time; travel; Korea
6 present perfect; since and for with present perfect; time expressions simple past vs present perfect; never & ever; short responses with either & neither; word stress talking and asking about experiences; likes/dislikes
7 simple past; present perfect; time expressions with the simple past; see vs meet; pronunciation of past verb forms talking about experiences; telling a story; high school life
8 imperatives; need; too; nonspecific you; sequence markers: first, and then, after that, next, finally likes/dislikes; giving a recipe; describing foods; describing Japanese food to a foreigner; cooking
9 simple present; indefinite and zero articles; syllable stress talking about sickness; health
10 polite modals; I'd rather... suggesting; inviting; stating a preference; giving directions; telephone expressions
11 polite modals; will for intentions; fillers: hmm..., umm... ordering a meal; describing things; food; restaurants
12 past progressive; simple past; past progressive interrupted by when + simple past telling a story; giving excuses; talking about experiences
13 dollar amounts; syllable stress; pronunciation of large numbers shopping; bargaining; large numbers
14 modals of advisability: should, ought to, could, might, If I were you, I'd...; supposed to; nonspecific you giving advice; describing Japanese food to a foreigner; earthquakes
15 second conditionals; wish; word stress talking about unreal situations; expressing wishes; altruism questionnaire
16 relative clauses; present perfect; question formation; Wh- questions talking and asking about movies and television; describing a movie; suggesting; likes/dislikes; movies; television
17review and consolidationreview and consolidation
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