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Map of Talk a Lot, Book 1

1 simple present in questions; Wh- and Yes/No questions; ordinal numbers; pronunciation of ordinal numbers and reduced forms introducing oneself and responding to an introduction; saying good-bye; birthdays; personal information
2 simple present; subject-verb agreement; pronouns; short responses--neither, so; Wh- and Yes/No questions; adverbs of frequency; can & can't ; word stress; pronunciation of can & can't greeting someone; giving opinions; agreeing and disagreeing; ending a conversation; likes/dislikes; abilities; movies, music, TV, food & drink
3 simple present; Wh- and Yes/No questions; singular/plural nouns; pronunciation of family words asking and talking about family; relatives
4 present progressive; simple present; adjectives to describe people; linked sounds describing what people look like; describing present actions
5 indefinite articles: a & an; Wh-questions; adverbs of frequency; ever with simple present; syllable and word stress talking and asking about work; telling time; work; occupations
6 simple past; Wh- and Yes/No questions with simple past; used to; time expressions; pronunciation of past verb forms; reduced forms talking about experiences; vacations
7 using play with sports; adjectives for describing sports; adverbs of frequency; too + adjective; superlatives; pronunciation of sport names describing a sport; talking about physical condition; giving opinions; sports
8 Wh- questions; can & can't; pronunciation of country names and nationalities talking about abilities; countries; nationalities; languages; ethnic foods
9 present perfect; simple past vs present perfect; never & ever; time expressions; superlatives with present perfect; pronunciation of past participles talking and asking about experiences
10 prepositions of place; prepositions of location; imperatives; definite and zero articles describing locations; giving street and subway directions; expressing thanks
11 polite modals; requests; syllable stress and the z sound making restaurant reservations; requesting; expressing thanks; making plane reservations; reconfirming a flight; travel; Hawaii
12 adjectives for describing things and places; made of; be going to; by train; large numbers; pronunciation of large numbers describing Japanese things and places; making suggestions and giving reasons; talking about costs; yen amounts; prices
13 present progressive for future; be going to & will; present perfect with yet; will for intentions, promises and offers; expressions of speculation; assimilations (gonna); contractions with will talking about future events; inviting; suggesting; speculating about the future; vacations
14 be good at; adjectives for personality; past tense questions with be; modals of obligation: must, have to, can't, not allowed to; pronunciation of school subjects talking about school; describing personality; giving reasons; talking about rules; likes/dislikes; teachers; high school
15 polite modals; requests; should and shouldn't; fillers: hmm..., umm...; too + adjective; numbers and prices; shopping expressions; noun/pronoun agreement giving travel advice; requesting; calling room service; arranging a wake-up call; changing money; shopping; bargaining; travel; Thailand
16 indefinite and zero articles; modals of advisability: should and shouldn't; nonspecific you; time expressions; pronunciation of body parts, health problems and th talking about sickness and health; giving advice; parts of the body; sickness; health
17review and consolidationreview and consolidation
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